Soap Nuts

deseeded soap nuts - green virgin products

A natural alternative to laundry detergent

Soap nuts (otherwise known as soapberries or laundry nuts) are quite literally an all-natural alternative to commercial and artificial laundry detergents.

They’re free of fragrance, there’s no harsh ingredients and they’re great to use in your laundry if you’ve sensitive skin

Our soap nuts can be used in washing machines

Soap nuts can be used to hand wash clothes but they can even be used in your washing machine too. We recommend placing the soap nuts in a washable bag to keep them together throughout the wash cycle.

100% non-toxic and great for those with sensitive skin

Soap nuts are all-natural meaning they’re free of artificial fragrance and harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin in particular.

They’re also great for washing baby clothes to help prevent rashes and irritation on your baby’s skin.

Re-usable for better value

Soap nuts can be reused up to 4 times in a washing machine before they lose their cleaning power. However, this can reduce to 2 times if you’re using soap nuts on a hot cycle. This causes the soap nuts to release their cleaning agent faster as the water temp increases.

We recommend washing clothes on 30 to 40 degrees celcius in order to maximise cleaning power and get the most uses from them

They’re biodegradable too - no waste to landfill

Once your soap nuts have exhausted all of their cleaning agent (saponin) you can simply throw they into your compost heap as they’re 100% biodegradable. Better for your garden and they’re better for the environment too!