304 Stainless Steel Water Bottles FAQ page


Q: Some bottles have a plastic spray on liner. Do your bottles have a liner?



A: No, our bottles are made of 304 stainless steel and, therefore, our bottles have no liner. All aluminum bottles have a plastic liner because aluminum is toxic. If a bottle has a liner don’t drink out of it. Plastic liners leach toxic chemicals and hormone disrupters.

Q: Can I put the bottles in the dishwasher?



A: Yes but if your water temperature is too high the logo could be damaged. It will not affect the bottle, just the logo. We recommend hand washing with a bottle brush. Never put the stainless steel loop cap in the dishwasher as water can get inside the cap.

Q: Can I freeze water inside the bottle?



A: It is risky, and will not be covered under the lifetime warranty. My sister does it all the time. She freezes just a couple of inches of water in the bottle then fills it with water. But her bottle is bulged a little on the bottom. We don’t recommend it.

Q: Where can I get more or different flow rate nipples for your bottles?



A: The Advent Nipples will fit our nipple cap and the sippy cup cap.