Bath Soaps Can Be Harmful To Your Health.

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Sep 30th 2014


Your bath soap could be harmful to your health. It makes no difference if it is a liquid or a bar bath soap. They can cause health problems ranging from allergies to cancer. Most consumers want inexpensive bath soap and don't see the value in a soap that costs over $6 dollars a bar when much cheaper soaps are available. The question is how much is your health worth to you.

Giant soap companies know consumers want inexpensive bath soaps and have found ways to make very cheap soaps. The problem is that in order to make cheap bath soap, most of the healthy natural ingredients have been replaced with artificial, and often times, very toxic chemicals.

A good example of this is the smell that soap makers put in the bath soap. We have all seen the commercials for soaps that feature the smell of the bath soap as the main selling point. Irish Spring and Coast are two examples. Almost all of the national bestsellers, and even a lot of so called healthy hand crafted bath soaps, sold in health food stores use artificial fragrance oils. Toxic fragrance oils cost much less than natural essential oils, so soap makers use them to keep the price down.

Artificial fragrance oils are made of the toxic waste which is left over from the oil industry. They are basically scented gasoline and include over 400 different toxic chemicals including known human carcinogens. Natural essential oils are made by steam distilling flowers or leaves. Essential oils are expensive because it can take a very large quantity of plants to make a very small amount of essential oil.

The companies that sell wholesale fragrance oils to soap makers do not disclose how toxic these oils are. In fact, if asked about it they will usually say they haven’t heard anything about them being toxic or just lie about it and say they are safe. The result is Mom and Pop bath soap makers that would never intentionally put toxic ingredients in their bath soap end up making a toxic product. A lot of handmade soaps that are sold as all natural contain toxic fragrance oils. Don't buy any product that has the word fragrance on the list of ingredients.

Almost all of the national best selling bath soaps are not even soap. They are a harsh detergent. They take out all the natural oils and substitute ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SLS is a detergent and a skin irritant. It seems that scientists can’t agree how harmful Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and its closely related cousins like Sodium Laureth Sulfate really are. But everyone agrees that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is normally contaminated with 1,4 dioxane. The EPA has listed 1,4 dioxane as a probable carcinogen.

The list of chemicals that big soap companies put in their artificial detergent bars is long, and most of them are bad for you and the environment.

Don’t Ever Use Antibacterial Products.

One of the biggest scams that the big soap companies have thrust upon consumers is the new antibacterial soaps. They say if you kill all the germs on your hands you won't get sick. This is wrong on so many levels. A lot of illnesses are from breathing in airborne infections. Another reason antibacterial soaps are silly is that regular soap and water kills germs just as good as the toxic antibacterial soaps. A United States FDA advisory committee found that using antibacterial soaps provides no benefits over plain soap and water.

Antibacterial soaps contain a chemical called Triclosan or Triclocarbon. It is listed as a pesticide by the EPA. In scientific studies, they have been shown to be hormone disruptors. Symptoms include infertility, altered behavior and learning disabilities. They are also linked to prostate and breast cancers.

One of the biggest problems with antibacterial soaps is that they can encourage the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria or superbugs like MRSA. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls antibiotic resistance one of the most pressing health issues in the world today. Infections caused by bacteria with resistance to at least one antibiotic have been estimated to kill more than 60,000 hospitalized patients each year. More than 3 out of 4 people tested had Triclosan in their system.

Big soap companies also use FD&C Color Pigments to make their bath soap look pretty. They are made of coal tar and are carcinogenic.

So What Bath Soap Can I Use That Won't Harm My Health.

There are healthy all natural handcrafted bath soaps available that are really far superior to anything available in the supermarket. Green Virgin Products sells amazing all natural bath soaps that are extremely rich and luxurious. There are no artificial ingredients, no petrochemicals and no animal products in them. Here is the list of ingredients from one of their bath soaps.

Ingredients: Soap nuts liquid, made by boiling organic soap nuts in filtered water Moringa leaf powder Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil Coconut oil Palm kernel oil Sunflower oil Shea butter Peppermint essential oil Sodium hydroxide

Most people have never even tried an all natural handcrafted bath soap. The first time they try one these soaps it is like a fog has been lifted and they suddenly realize why so many people willingly pay a few dollars a year more for them. Not only are they much more luxurious to use but they also won't harm your health and they leave your skin much softer, smoother and healthier. Isn't your health worth a few dollars a year.