Moringa Capsules, Some Are Better

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Apr 15th 2015

Moringa Capsules

120 Vegan Moringa Ultimate Capsules | Green Virgin Products

Moringa Capsules are preferred by a lot of people over moringa powder because they are quick and easy to take. Moringa powder is great, but some people just don’t like the taste of vegetables. Moringa is known as the Miracle Plant. It is by far the most nutrition dense plant ever tested. It is a vegetable so there are no adverse side effects even if taken in large doses.  This vegetable has the highest vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, amino acid and protein content of any plant. And because it is a vegetable that grows on trees your body is able to absorb all the natural goodness that it contains unlike artificial vitamins that your body can not absorb and end up in the toilet.

Moringa is a miracle plant, but it is very susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation is caused by oxygen and light. We have all seen an apple or avocado that has been cut turn brown. That is oxidation. Oxidation caused by light is called photo-oxidation. Moringa will oxidize in the package before you even open it if it is not packaged in an oxygen free package. Air tight is not the same as oxygen free as an air tight package contains oxygen and the moringa is oxidizing right in the package. Green Virgin Products is the only company in the USA to use oxygen free and light blocking packaging.

You also have to be careful about moringa capsules because a lot of moringa sellers use their oldest moringa to make their capsules. If you open their capsules the moringa inside is actually brownish tan. It is totally oxidized and will have very little nutritional value.

So if you want the highest quality, most nutritional moringa available buy all your moringa from Green Virgin Products. Green Virgin Products sells two kinds of moringa capsules. Gel caps and Vegan caps. They are both the same except for the capsule itself. The gel caps are made of gelatin, which is made of beef. The vegetarian capsules are made of vegetable matter. The moringa powder inside both capsules is identical.