Posted by Green Virgin Products on Apr 14th 2015


Toxic chemicals

Toxic chemicals in laundry detergent. That doesn't sound possible. Surly our elected officials would prevent that and protect our health. And yet almost all nationally advertised brands of laundry detergent contain highly toxic chemicals and known human carcinogens.

Do you remember Ivory Snow laundry soap? They advertised it is 99.44% pure. It contains no artificial fragrance or toxic chemicals. Problem is Ivory Snow is laundry soap, and soap just does not work that good for cleaning laundry. It turns the clothes yellow. So you have to add bluing agents. (basically blue dye) Blue mixed with yellow is supposed to make white. It just does not work very well. During World War 2 the fats and oils used for making soaps were needed for making explosives. So detergent was invented. Detergent is basically chemical based soap. On its own it is more toxic than soap because it contains SLS and other toxic chemicals. Detergent has a bad smell so they had to scent it. But natural essential oils are very expensive and making it on a huge scale is problematic.

At about the same time the Oil Industry was under scrutiny for dumping toxic waste left over from making gas, motor oil and plastics etc. Laws were passed making it illegal to dump toxic waste. All toxic waste had to be disposed of in a responsible manner. This presented a large expense for the oil industry. So the oil industry, that had found hundreds of uses for oil, decided to find other uses for the toxic waste. They found that this toxic waste smells amazingly strong and the smell lasts a long time. Think about if you ever got gas on your hands. The smell lasts all day even if you wash it off. So they decided to make the toxic waste into fragrance. By scenting this toxic waste they can make an artificial scent that smells like anything in the world. The problem is that artificial fragrance is just good smelling toxic waste. It is very inexpensive as the oil companies were just about giving it away so they didn't have to pay to dispose of it. Then they lobbied or paid off our elected officials to pass laws so they did not have to disclose the toxic chemicals in the fragrance. As long as the box says fragrance on it they can put any chemical they want in it and not even list it on the ingredients. Fragrance contains banned chemicals and known human carcinogens. If your product says fragrance on it, avoid it like the plague. Fragrance contains many toxic chemicals. So the oil companies are still dumping their toxic waste but it is now going down our drains after we bath in it or wash our clothes in it. Thank you giant soap companies.

So if giant corporations can make a couple of extra cents by using a toxic chemical instead of something that is natural and non-toxic, then most of the time they go with extra profit. These giant corporations are so morally corrupt they choose profit over the health of the American people.

The EPA in America has banned a total of 6 chemicals. But they lost a lawsuit against the asbestos industry and now asbestos is no longer banned even though it is a known human carcinogen. Over 2500 Americans die a year from asbestos. So there are only 5 banned chemicals in the USA. The European EPA has banned over 1000 chemicals. That is why American products like Tide etc are not sold in Europe. Tide and almost all American products are banned in Europe because they are so toxic. Before World War 2 about eight thousand people a year died of cancer. Over 8.2 million people died of cancer in 2013. How can you avoid toxic chemicals? Read every word on our web site and stop buying name brand American products. Not only laundry detergents but almost all the name brand products are extremely toxic.

A partial list includes,

  • laundry detergent
  • fabric softener
  • dryer sheets
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • bar soaps
  • liquid soap
  • shaving cream
  • toothpaste
  • aftershave
  • cologne
  • perfume (even the high priced designer brands)
  • air freshener
  • dish detergent
  • automatic dish detergent
  • makeup
  • lipstick
  • floor cleaners
  • bathroom cleaner
  • glass cleaner
  • over cleaner
  • scented candles
  • Rug shampoo and many more

How can you avoid toxic chemicals? All the products on our site are completely non-toxic, work as well or better than the toxic brands and save money compared to the toxic brands. Look at labels and do not purchase any product that lists fragrance on it. Avoid toxic chemicals any way you can. Save your health and save our planet.