Zija Moringa vs Green Virgin Moringa - Which is best?

Sep 20th 2022

Thinking Of Buying Zija? Think Again...

By using simple math and evidence from Zija's own product labels, I will show you why you should avoid Zija and what you should get instead.

"After using Zija for two years I decided to try Green Virgin because of the price and I feel great."

-Thomas V. Verified Buyer 

Get Moringa Powder 163% Purer and 95% Cheaper Than Zija's.

Green Virgin Products VS Zija Smart Mix 



● 100% Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder ● Moringa Content Unknown
● Contains No Fillers ● Contains 43% Filler
● 90 Day Money Back Guarantee ● 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (On 1st Order Only)
● Only $15.99 for 75 servings (About 21 cents per serving) ● Up to $125.00 for 32 Servings (About $3.91 per serving)

Zija Exposed

The FDA requires manufacturers to list all of the ingredients in a product on its label including their weights, unless the ingredients are part of a proprietary blend. 

If the ingredients are part of a proprietary blend then the amount of each individual ingredient does not have to be listed, only the total. By using a proprietary blend, there is no way to tell how much of each ingredient is actually in the product and this is where the deception begins. 

Industry professionals advise against buying supplements that use proprietary blends. By using a proprietary blend, Zija can hide how much moringa is actually in the product. Now, let's look at the ingredients to see what Zija is all about.

Note: When purchasing moringa, it is important to buy 100% moringa oleifera leaf powder. The leaves are by far the most nutritious and beneficial part of the tree. Some companies market moringa blends and claim by including many different parts of the tree, it will be more nutritious. 

It sounds logical, but the real reason blends like Zija are sold is because it lowers their cost on the product.

Examining Zija SmartMix


The Proprietary Blend: [Chicory Root Extract, Moringa oleifera Blend (Leaf Powder, Seed Cake, Fruit Powder), FoTi Root Extract 12:1] 

Out of 11 grams, 6.3 grams is from the proprietary blend. The three ingredients are listed by weight highest to lowest.

The Chicory Root Extract comes first which means that at least one-third of the 6.3 grams is from Chicory Root Extract.

This means with the most charitable estimate possible, there is a maximum of 4.2 grams of moringa in each serving or roughly 38%.

However, because moringa is not the first ingredient listed in the blend, it is possible that the product contains almost no moringa at all. This would be completely legal for them to do.

I reached out to Zija to ask them how much moringa is in the product but they said their formula is secret and would not say.

The rest of the ingredients: 

After subtracting the weight of the proprietary blend (6.3 grams), 4.7 grams are left (or about 43% of the product). These ingredients are as follows... 

Natural Tropical Flavor, Fruit Pectin, Guar Gum, Agar, Citric Acid, Stevia, Silica, Stearic Acid

Natural Tropical Flavor: Can be almost anything

Guar Gum: Mostly used as a thickener and stabilizer 

Agar: Mostly used as a thickener and gelling agent 

Citric Acid: Preservative/flavor enhancer

Stevia: Sweetener 

Silica: Primarily used as a flowing agent for powders 

Stearic Acid: Flowing agent used so the product does not stick to the package and factory equipment. 

Almost half (43%) of the Zija SmartMix is just filler added for taste and texture. Use Your Brain! Get 100% Pure Moringa Leaf Powder for 20 Times Less Money!

"The rich green color of the Green Virgin Products Moringa the left means it's still full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and more!"


How to Get the Best Quality Moringa...



The best way to make sure you get the full benefits of this super-food is to make sure it's processed and packaged in a way that preserves its nutritional properties. That makes ALL the difference in the world. How it's processed is critical for the health benefits Moringa offers!

A recent study found that precious polyphenols decrease by 40 percent after being destroyed by oxidation. 

Since the most potent moringa only grows in tropical climates almost all of the moringa sold in the U.S. comes from overseas. Moringa grown in the U.S. and other places outside the tropics is not as potent so it is best to avoid them. 

Many moringa company's distribution systems are designed to ship it as inexpensively as possible.

Many do not even package their moringa on location leaving them exposed to oxygen and light for days, weeks, and in some cases even months. Then, since the moringa comes from overseas it can sit in the harbor for weeks waiting for customs inspections and FDA approval.

By the time it gets to you, if not packaged properly, the nutritional value will be diminished. 

So if you are looking to experience the many benefits of moringa, it is important to find a company who understands how to process and package it in a way that preserves its nutrition and potency. 

The only company with the expertise and quality control measures in place to achieve this is Green Virgin Products. 

Check out these major advantages of Green Virgin's Moringa Ultimate. 

Advantage #1 

From Tree to Package in 8 Hours or Less


What’s so special about our Moringa? It’s simple... we pick it at its peak of nutritional perfection and immediately dry and package it within 8 hours. This is important because when Moringa is picked... oxidation immediately begins to break down the nutritional value. Our competitors take days or even weeks to package it after they pick it off the tree.

Advantage #2

Advanced Temperature Controlled Far Infrared Drying

Almost all of our competitors shade dry their moringa. Before I tell you the advantages of the method we use, infrared drying, let me tell you why the shade dry method should never be used for moringa. In using the shade dry method, it takes days or even weeks to dry moringa leaves.

They begin to decompose as soon as they are picked off of the tree. They start to loose their abundant nutrition, then they loose their green color and slowly turn brown. 

If your moringa is faded green to brown, then you paid for an almost worthless product. Our exclusive temperature-controlled, far-infrared drying system ensures our Moringa is dried to perfection in a few hours instead of days or weeks. It dries the moringa fully and evenly protecting the nutrition, color, and freshness. We will never use the shade drying method!

Advantage #3

Our Oxidation-Free Processing and Packaging

We are the ONLY manufacturer to use 100% oxidation free packaging. That means our Moringa is the only one protected from oxidation.... ensuring it's more potent than any other brand. See... light and oxygen are what cause moringa to oxidize. Because this oxidation can destroy it's nutritional value, it's important the moringa is picked and packaged in oxygen free (not just air tight) packaging that also blocks 100% of light.

The truth is, all other moringa sellers, even the high-end premium brands, use packaging that subjects the moringa to brutal oxidation that degrades the nutritional value.  Plastic bottles and paper bags don't block all the light. This light causes the Moringa to break down faster.

Studies show that without oxidation free packaging... the nutrients of the Moringa would deteriorate before it's even opened. That's why most brands of moringa offer much less nutritional value than Green Virgin Products Moringa Ultimate. 

To avoid this problem, we vacuum pack all of our moringa then put an oxygen absorber inside each package to prevent oxidation. We also use an exclusive 3 layer pouch that blocks 100% of the light from getting to the moringa.This is vital to ensure the Moringa remains fresh and potent. 

All our products are packaged this way, to be sure the Moringa is as nutrient-dense and potent as the day it was picked off the tree. And we're the only manufacturer to take the time and effort to do so.  

Here are just a few more reasons why Green Virgin Moringa is the best you can buy!

-Our Moringa is grown and harvested in Nicaragua. Moringa needs a tropical climate, so if it's grown outside the tropics, for instance in the USA, it won't be as potent.  

-Our packaging and processing offers the lowest moisture content (3.44%). Infrared drying eliminates mold, mildew, and bacteria... keeping the moringa fresh and potent. Shade drying promotes mold, mildew, bacteria and insect eggs.   

-Preserved Freshness and Natural Green Color. We never add food dye. Some sellers add green dye to their Moringa to make it appear fresh.

-Certified Kosher assures we're held to a higher standard when it comes to cleanliness during processing.  


Our Moringa Ultimate on the left is still fresh. Most Moringa on the market will look like the one on the right. 

The rich green color of ours on top means it's still full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and proteins that are still active and potent for fighting off disease and helping you look and feel better! 

Read What This Customer Had To Say About Green Virgin Products vs. Zija 

Judy S. Verified Buyer- "Just wanted to share my story. I'm saving over $80 per month compared to Zija. There are a high number of people in Central Florida that are using Zija.

They claim it's NOT a multilevel and that the main ingredient in their "SmartMix" is moringa. But they won't share the percentage of Moringa in their product, stating its proprietary information. 

"It is also approximately $100 per month. However, a few of my friends using it have had significant results such as a decrease in blood pressure, lower cholesterol, energy, weight loss, a decrease in diabetes, etc. But the majority have not experienced anything.  

"I'm just not one that can afford such a program so I Googled "Moringa" and after reading several different sites and companies, I came across Green Virgin Products. For such a low cost, I figured there's nothing to lose. 

Worse case, I'm ingesting something healthy with no additives or risks of harmful side effects. 

"I actually enlisted my friend to be my guinea pig (LOL). After a couple of weeks taking a teaspoon a day (four capsules that I actually made with a cap-m-quick pill filler), she has been able to sleep on her arthritic shoulder whereas before she would always wake up in the middle of the night if she laid on it. 

"So I began taking it as well. In fact, I've spread the word around our school and I now have at least 12+ friends who are now growing on Moringa, and they are beginning to order from your website frequently.  

"Benefits have included weight loss, a decrease in menstrual cramps, an increase in energy, an increase in some "private aspects" between one friend and her husband, and we are learning each day how it's affecting each other.

A couple of our friends have even ordered your soap nuts and they are going to let the rest of us know how and if they truly work!

"It has truly become viral in our little circle as we have remained on the down-low around our Zija friends. However we have NO problem telling them if they should ask, "What are YOU doing to look/feel so great?" 100% Moringa! That's what!

"I bought a capsule maker from cap-m-quick and several of us are sharing it to make our moringa capsules. We are thinking we may design a T-shirt once we come "out of the closet" so to speak and confess we are taking Moringa!

"The breakdown can't be contested: 150 grams of Moringa = 75 days worth = 4 capsules a day (1 teaspoon) along with the cost of the capsules = approx. $.07 a pill x 300 pills rendered from 1 bag of Moringa = approximately $21.00 per bag, give or take a few cents depending on where we buy capsules. 

"Compared to Smart Mix (approx. 30 day supply)-- 1 Case of SmartMix $105.00 Wow! Just wanted to share with you. Thanks for your website and your products!"

Here are some more customer reviews of our moringa!

Arlene J. W. Verified Buyer- "Wonderful! And I like your prices! Have been ordering from Zija for 2 years, so I know the health benefits - just couldn't afford their's anymore. So glad my daughter told me about you... My order came and I am very pleased. The products are in resealable bags that don't let any light in so I know it will stay fresh. The tea is amazing! I love to start my day with a cup. My family really likes the capsules the best. Thanks for a superb product and such fast delivery."

Thomas V. Verified Buyer- "After using Zija for two years I decided to try Green Virgin because of the price and I feel great." 

Renae P. Verified Buyer- "We Love GVP's Moringa . I use to be a Zija Distributor and drank the Smart Mix daily. After hearing about Green Virgin Product's Moringa I realized that the smart mix wasn't as natural as I thought.

"I started noticing as they were changing the formula there were more and more additives. My husband and I wanted something more natural so we ordered our first order from GVP a year ago. We LOVE GVP's Moringa! It's not sweet like the Smart Mix but we can tell we have more energy with this product and we noticed a change in our immune system during this first year.

We feel like we have been seeing more benefits while on this product and feel confident in it's nutrition since its 100% pure Moringa. It happens to be a big bonus that this is so much cheaper then Zija's Smart Mix!" 

Karole W. Verified Buyer- "Great Product!  I'm very glad I have found your product. So many people around where I am from, are taking Zija. I'm glad I researched the product and found your Moringa. I really want to go into selling this, but am unsure just yet about how to start this.

So many of my friends are so involved with Zija. I almost feel like a traitor that I have found a quality product for less money! So, for now, my husband and I enjoy your Moringa."

Moringa User and Ex Zija Distributor. Verified Buyer- "Forget Zija! First I want to say that the packaging is exactly what I was hoping for. I am a emergency preparedness person and the packaging lets me know that this product can be stored for a long time, just as some of the foods packaged the same way.

Second, the price for the amount of product. I am or was a distributor for ZIJA, that is where I learned about Moringa and actually seen what it can do, it helped with lowering my blood pressure, helps with getting rid of headaches and migraines, helps with allergies, appetite suppressant, bee stings, joint pain etc.

So, getting this product that is 100% Moringa with no fillers and NOT paying $120, allows me to continue with getting healthy and helping keeping my family healthy. Third, I will definitely be a returning customer and will definitely be sharing this with my friends and family and preppers."

So what are you waiting for? Try it now and see what a difference 100% moringa makes!

You Risk Absolutely Nothing!


If you are not 100% satisfied with your order for any reason, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked! All of our product come with a 90-day money back guarantee! 

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