Hand Crafted Bar Soap FAQ

Green Virgin Products Handcrafted Bar Soap FAQ page


Q: I have read many reviews about people just raving about your handcrafted bar soap. What makes your soaps so good?

A: Beside the fact that we use large amounts of the highest quality soap nuts liquid, moringa, and oils in the world, we experimented with soap recipes for almost a year before we sold a single bar of handcrafted bar soap. Soap recipes are very precise, with small changes sometimes having large effects, sometimes good and sometimes bad. We tried 37 different recipes each one slightly different. Most were pretty good. Then number 37 was just so much better than anything we had ever made, or used. We were lucky to stumble upon that recipe, it’s just wonderful, and our customers agree, this is probably the best handcrafted bar soap that they have ever tried.


Q: How can I make my soap last longer?

A: To make a bar of soap last longer you have to keep it away from water when not in use. It is ideal to let the soap dry out between uses. We recommend our exclusive Vertical Soap Dish as it holds the soap upright on its end, leaving less of the soap in contact with the soap dish.


Q: I have dry skin, is your soap moisturizing?

A: Yes, besides our high-quality oils we also add Shea butter to our soaps, which leaves your skin soft and moisturized. It is very luxurious and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.


Q: Will your soap help with skin conditions and rashes?

A: Yes, our Soap Nut, Moringa, Peppermint, handcrafted bar soap has a lot of moringa in it, which is known to have a healing effect that can clear up some skin conditions and rashes. Moringa contains Zeatin, which is very good for your skin. Moringa has over 1,000 time more Zeatin in it than any other plant.


Q: The peppermint you use smells really good. Is that a natural smell.

A: Yes it is totally natural. We only use peppermint essential oils in our handcrafted bar soap. We would never use artificial, toxic, petroleum based, fragrance oils like most soap makers use. Watch out for the supposed handmade soaps that use fragrance oils. Some even try and hide it by saying we use essential fragrance oils. If the word fragrance is on the label it is toxic.