"SAFE" Non-Toxic Cleaner FAQ

Q: Is this product made with soap nuts?



A: No, although this product is totally plant-based, it does not contain any soap nuts. Compared to soap nuts liquid, this product is many times more effective as a non-toxic cleaner. (soap nuts remain unsurpassed for laundry)

Q: Where is this product made?



A: This product is totally American. It was invented in America. All the plants used to make it are native American plants. And it is made and bottled in America. It is unsurpassed as a non-toxic cleaner.

Q: I see it contains alcohol, isn’t that bad?



A: A small amount of alcohol is added during the cooking process to create a desired reaction. All the alcohol is boiled off before you ever receive the product. We disclose it as an ingredient, but there is no alcohol in it when you use it. Green Virgin Products only offers the finest and safest Non-Toxic Cleaning Products.

Q: Can I use this product on my marble and granite counter tops.



A: Yes, this product is safe for all washable surfaces. There are constantly new types of stone being introduced as countertops. Just to be safe though test a small spot.