Are Your Organic Soap Nuts Actually Organic?

Are Your Organic Soap Nuts Actually Organic?

Posted by Green Virgin Products on Jan 20th 2018

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The term organic is certainly popular right now. You see it applied to fruits, vegetables, meats poultry, dairy and more, but many people do not know the requirements to use the USDA Certified Organic label or what it really means. We like to go right to the source for an accurate understanding of organic products.

The Definition of “Organic”

The US Department of Agriculture states, “USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing, among many factors, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. Organic producers rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible.” They add that produce can only be labeled and marketed as organic if it is verified to have grown on soil with no prohibited substances applied for three years. Most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are strictly prohibited for organic farmers and producers.

How To Tell The Difference

Okay, so we are clear on what USDA Certified Organic actually means now. But how can you use that to know if something that says it is organic actually is. The USDA uses a simple labeling system to help clarify organic levels. breaks USDA Certified Organic products into three categories.

The strictest category is “100% Organic.” All ingredients must have strictly adhered to the USDA Certified Organic guidelines throughout the entire process of growing, harvesting and delivering to the end consumer. The second category is “Organic,” and this label can be applied to products that are made with at least 95% organic ingredients. The final category is “Made with Organic Ingredients.” This label applies to products and foods that include 70% or more organic ingredients. The main restriction on the remaining 30% is that the ingredients not include any genetically modified organisms.

The Certification Process

The organic certification process is just starting when a company becomes an approved organic farmer or operator. They will be subject to regular inspections to make sure the organic process remains intact and pure.

The USDA states on their website, “Organic certification requires that farmers and handlers document their processes and get inspected every year. Organic on-site inspections account for every component of the operation, including, but not limited to, seed sources, soil conditions, crop health, weed and pest management, water systems, inputs, contamination and commingling risks and prevention, and record-keeping. Tracing organic products from start to finish is part of the USDA organic promise.”

The only problem for years was getting access to this updated information to make sure all your favorite organic operations were up to date and still certified, or even approved to carry the label in the first place.

The 2014 US Farm Bill provided the funding for some important improvements to the USDA Organic certification process and the availability of the database of the approved organic operations. They recently released the product of that funding and work in the form of a new Organic INTEGRITY Database. Those looking to check on organic farmers and producers can now do so with a simple, searchable online database. This important step makes it easier than ever to know that your favorite products are certified organic. The new database is the first of many planned phases to make the organic certification process easier to access for everyone from farmers to consumers.

The High Quality of Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts

At Green Virgin Products, our mission is to provide the best quality health and wellness products in their freshest, most-potent form. Our Soap Nuts are no exception. We only sell the finest deseeded Sapindus Mukorossi soap berries from the best growers in India and Nepal. We make sure that all of our soap nuts are picked, sun-dried, hand-sorted, cleaned, packaged and labeled by the leading soap nut experts in Nepal. We have invested significant time and money to find the best soap nuts and get them thoroughly tested to make sure they are consistently the highest quality Soap Nuts. Many sellers do not put the same care into delivering the best soap nuts to you.

All of our soap nuts are kept sanitary and quickly packaged in a special biodegradable bag before we ship them to the United States. Many soap nut sellers do not provide a similar process. Soap nuts are frequently shipped to America in bulk before individually packaging, which exposes them to the harsh salt and humidity of the sea air during the long trip. We make sure that they are packed and sealed perfectly before importing them.

Soap Nuts Buyers Beware!!

Understanding what makes the highest-quality soap nuts is only half the battle. Unfortunately, the all-natural cleaning power of soap nuts have tempted some unscrupulous and dishonest people to prey on those looking for a deal online. You definitely want to pay attention to their history and reviews before buying soap nuts right now.

There are a few common soap nuts scams that we’ve found online. The exaggerated load scam is the most widespread. There are a number of sellers that simply make up how many wash loads you can use your soap nuts or wash berries. We’ve seen businesses advertising that their soap nuts from the same region of Nepal will deliver nearly twice as many loads as our soap nuts. We guarantee you this is completely false.

The strange thing is that soap nuts do not need this false advertising in order to provide real and significant value. At Green Virgin Products, we’ve thoroughly tested how many wash loads to expect from your soap nuts and advertise the conservative results of those tests as our expected and recommend wash loads.

The worst soap nuts scam that has emerged recently is marketing the much lower quality Sapindus Trifoliatus as an equal to the high quality Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts. Make sure you understand there is a HUGE difference. The Trifoliatus contain almost no saponins, and thus, offer ZERO natural cleaning power. You’re basically just washing your clothes with water if you fall victim to this soap nuts scam.

Our Promise

At Green Virgin Products, we guarantee that we have the best, highest-quality soap nuts in the world at any price. You will certainly find companies that charge significantly more for their soap nuts, also commonly called soap berries or wash berries, but they are not higher quality. There are companies that sell soap nuts from the same regions of India and Nepal, but you will probably find they sell them at a higher price.

Why would companies do that - you may ask? They want to make more money, plain and simple. Our soap nuts are the best quality and the tests prove it. We just believe in sharing our products at the lowest possible sustainable price. Get stocked up on the best Soap Nuts you need today with a special discount of 10% off. Just use coupon code: 10off at time of checkout.