Moringa FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Green Virgin Products Moringa Ultimate: Moringa FAQ

Q: Where is your moringa grown and packaged?

A: Our Moringa is grown and packaged in Nicaragua. 


Q: Is your moringa organic?

A: Yes it is. 


Q: I have severe allergies. What else is processed in your processing plant?

A: Nothing, our modern facility only processes moringa. Moringa is also gluten-free.


Q: Can I cook with moringa?

A: You can, but exposing moringa to temperatures above 140 degrees F will destroy a lot of the nutritional value.


Q: Where should I put my moringa after I open the pouch?

A: Leave it in the pouch it came in and do not remove the oxygen absorber. This will prolong the shelf life.


Q: You say that moringa oxidizes easily and then you say moringa oil doesn’t go bad.

A: All of our moringa products except the moringa oil are made from 100% leaf powder as the leaf is by far the most nutritious part of the moringa plant. Moringa powder is very susceptible to oxidation. The oil is made from cold pressing the moringa seeds. The moringa leaf is very susceptible to oxidation, the oil is not.

Q: You say your moringa is the best in the world, but Zija cost many times more.

A: Zija is a multi-level marketing organization. Whenever someone buys some Zija, several people get commissions down the line. They have to jack up the price in order to pay commissions to that many people. Zija will also not tell anyone what percentage of their product actually contains moringa. (Zija smart mix only contains about 40% moringa, our moringa is 100% leaf powder) They don’t take any precautions to prevent oxidation. They also use the seed cake (seed cake is the matter that is left over from pressing the seeds to make oil. We throw away the seed cake or use it as animal feed) and the pods. They claim that makes their moringa better. The truth is the leaf is by far the most nutritious part of the tree. Using seed cake and the pods is really just using fillers. Our moringa is 100% leaf powder and is a much higher quality product than Zija. For more information on how our Green Virgin Products moringa compares to Zija, click here.


Links to scientific articles about the benefits of moringa.


Moringa is a Cancer Cell Killer:


Strong Antioxidant Activity:


For Myocardial Patients:


For overall Metabolic Syndrome:

Powerful Immune booster:


Kidney stone will be discharged naturally in 4 to 6 weeks.


Gallbladder Stone will be discharged in 3 weeks.


Sugar level goes down immediately and lowered A1C will follow.


Insulin dependents can decrease injections in a month.


Lowering blood pressure will be confirmed in less than 2 weeks.


Hypertension and Diabetes Complication:




Joint pain will be gone.


Moringa is your Liver Guardian:


Lower cholesterol LDL and increased HDL will follow.


Your Heart must be protected:





Thyroid Hormone Abnormality:


Prevent Damaged DNA caused ailments:




Protect from Radiation:


For Stress:


Drug Side Effects:


Moringa is a natural antibiotic:


Prevent cataract: